Buying a home can be very complicated and stressful in general. Buying a home in the San Francisco Bay Area can be more stressful than just about anywhere due to a very competitive marketplace. When you want to win the bid for a home, it seems like some Buyers will go to extreme measures to get the house of their dreams. One of those things can be going directly to the Listing Agent to represent them in the transaction. This seems like it might be a really great idea. Why isn’t this a great idea? One major factor is that the Listing Agent was hired by the Seller to sell the home and represent the interests of the Seller, long before you ever came along. So you enter into a new relationship trying to get leverage to win a property with no “real” representation for you and your interests in this transaction. What you need in all major decisions and transactions in your life is someone whose job is to have responsibility to take care of you and your needs, a fiduciary responsibility to you. 

Although the commission for the Buyer’s Agent is paid by the Seller in the form of a commission that is split between the Buyer’s Agent and the Seller’s Agent, the Buyer’s Agent works for you and the Seller’s Agent for the Seller. The Buyer does not pay for representation by an Agent unless the Agent has a negotiated agreement with their Client to pay them a fee for representation in a real estate transaction.

So, although it may seem tempting, I highly recommend you find an Agent you really like and trust to help you find a home and to represent you and your interests in the process of purchasing that home.

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